Monday, September 13, 2010

Guest Post: The Heavenly Infirmary

I have recently become well acquainted with someone else who has a passion for all aspects of health and is on her own mission to discover better health for herself.  She described to me her most wonderful analogy of finding peace and healing from physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering and I have asked her to write a guest post for this blog since she can explain it so much more eloquently than I can.  The following are her words about a "Heavenly Infirmary":

To the reader of this particular post: what I write here may seem a bit ethereal and "out there". I know. I have had the same reaction to it many times. But, after having truly experienced it for myself, I can no longer dispute it, nor would I wish to- I share this very private part of my existence, hoping to offer a venue of healing for the ravaged traveler out there.

In several different blogs, and elsewhere, I have alluded to difficult therapy. That is a compliment for some of what I have had to work through. My last therapist, while hating any organized religion, did love and serve God. In working with patients who have suffered miserably at the hands of others, my therapist has been given insights into how much Heaven really is a part of our daily lives, our happiness, and our healing, and what It will do to ensure that healing.

Probably the greatest gift this particular therapist has given me is a concrete knowledge of and experience of a Heavenly Infirmary. She had been, literally, trying for years to get me to go to this Infirmary in my mind and heart, to receive healing from some of the atrocities of my life. For whatever reason, I always resisted her. Maybe I did not fully believe in any power I might find there.

It was not until the last year or so that I finally gave in and went to the Infirmary. I did so because what was happening was so far beyond my scope of being able to help and I could not bear, for one second, the profound suffering that I saw. It dealt with a little child who had been so brutally beaten and broken that I knew he needed all the help that the Highest Being in the Universe could provide.

At the Infirmary, his little legs and body received the physical help and recovery he needed. While the physical hurts could not be completely washed away, they were tempered with understanding and spiritual balm.

As I witnessed the healing happening to him, I broke down and wept uncontrollably. I finally understood the power of this Infirmary. My therapist, a "tough old bird" was also very touched and moved as I recounted for her this experience.

I have not shared my feelings about the Infirmary with anyone besides her, other than with a trusted friend in the past day or so. I would like to share just a little about it here.

I believe that we, our souls, can and do exist on different planes, other than merely this mortal one. Given that, I also believe that spiritual and physical healing can also occur on these different planes. The Infirmary of which I speak, for me, exists on one of these planes. It is a very real place. I take myself there when I can find peace in no other place. I tell Heaven I need Their Help and that I am giving myself to Their comfort and care. I am greeted at the door by Their Love. I am taken in and given exactly that which I need.

In my experiences with the Infirmary, I have received rest from severe and debilitating physical pain that no medication has been able to touch. I have received loving chastisements, telling me what needs to change for me to be happy. I have received kind humor and familial intimacy from Them. They offer an unbridled and unconditioned support, love, and knowledge.

They give me a warm and fully functioning and safe place to be, away from heartache and hassles, until I am strong enough to again face them. When I leave the Infirmary, after receiving the help that I need and have asked for, I am never saddened with the good-bye.

In Their fully supplying love, They have given me the confidence of peace. I know when I need It again, I will be back. And, They will be there with outstretched hands and hearts.

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  1. You are too kind, Holly, to post this. I am very humbled. Thank you for thinking it was worthy of YOUR blog. I learn so much from you and am indebted, beyond measure, for the help you have brought to my life. Thank you.

    I know this post is a little "out there"- but, I hope people will give it a chance, and think about the endless possibilities that can come from having such an Infirmary for our personal traumas and needs for healing. I promise- I have received help from this Heavenly Infirmary that I could NEVER have received anywhere else.

    Hope all is well with you and yours. tba